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 +====== Translation of DokuWiki documentation ======
 +To ease the translation of the DokuWiki documentation pages, the [[doku>​plugin:​translation]] plugin was installed at The plugin displays a language selector on all pages inside the wiki [[doku>​namespace]]. Existing translations are shown in blue, missing translations are gray.
 +Only languages manually configured by the administrator are shown in the selector. If you want to add translations for a language currently not shown, just manually create the pages in the appropriate language subnamespace and send a mail to the [[doku>​wiki:​mailinglist#​i18n_mailing_list|I18N mailing list]] asking for your language to be added.
 +For info about translating DokuWiki'​s interface language files, see the [[doku>​wiki:​multilanguage]] page.
 +===== Translation Guidelines =====
 +  * Feel free to create any missing translation
 +  * Only pages in the ''​wiki''​ namespace should be translated
 +  * translated pages need to have the same (english) name as the original page
 +  * translated pages have to be stored in a sub namespace of the ''​wiki''​ space named by the ISO language code
 +  * Please don't add stubs saying the page does not exist, yet.
 +  * A good starting point for translations is the [[doku>​wiki:​manual]]
 +===== Disabling translation feature for certain pages =====
 +Where translation is not sensible the %%~~NOTRANS~~%% macro should be inserted into the page.
 +This text has been taken from [[doku>​wiki:​translation]].
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